Welcome to Bridge the Gap with hosts Josh Crisp and Lucas McCurdy. A podcast dedicated to inform, educate and influence the future of housing and services for seniors. Bridge the Gap aims to help shape the culture of the senior living industry by being an advocate and a positive voice of influence which drives quality outcomes for our aging population.

Strategies to Hire and Retain the Best Employees with Managing Partner Katie Churchill

Katie Churchill, Managing Partner at Full Spectrum Search Group, shares takeaways for operators during an interview, recruitment, and more.


It's a competitive market and one of your candidates could be interviewing with three of your competitors. Speed to lead is number one the most important.

Katie Churchill

Guest on This Episode

Josh Crisp

Owner & CEO Solinity

Josh Crisp is a senior living executive with more than 15 years of experience in development, construction, and management of senior living communities across the southeast.

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Lucas McCurdy

Owner & Founder The Bridge Group Construction

Lucas McCurdy is the founder of The Bridge Group Construction based in Dallas, Texas. Widely known as “The Senior Living Fan”.

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Katie Churchill

Workforce Trends and Staffing Solutions

Katie’s mission was to change the lives of seniors and family members she had the privilege of interacting with. Katie spent ten years in the Senior Living industry.

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What better way to get to know an individual than sitting down and having a meal together.

Quick Overview of the Podcast

When the recruitment market is competitive, how does your company stand out? Katie Churchill, Managing Partner at Full Spectrum Search Group, shares practical takeaways for operators to practice during the recruitment, hiring, onboarding and retention process.

Katie is a BTG Ambassador and Contributor.

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