The #ActivitiesStrong Initiative, led by Linked Senior, aims to promote, engage and empower wellness directors and senior living executives to continue the conversation surrounding health and wellness in aging adults. The resources provided & webinar series are an outlet for conversation to further the mission of combating isolation and encouraging safe, social opportunities for teams & residents.

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The senior living industry is unique for the value it holds, the population it serves and the workforce it is made of.


I'm very passionate about engagement and making sure that our elders find purpose every day!

Charles de Vilmorin

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Eleanor Alvarez

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Charles de Vilmorin

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I realized that if I was going to change the world of elder care, I could do it by running one skilled nursing facility and running it right, doing the right things.

Quick Overview of the Podcast

The senior living industry is unique for the value it holds, the population it serves and the workforce it is made of. Eleanor Alvarez, CEO at LeaderStat, discusses basic tenets of person-centered care, how organizations can drive them in their staffing strategies and what 2022 might look like for our industry.

As this industry continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and braces for a deepening staffing crisis, it is essential for providers to attract, retain and cultivate talent. An essential part of achieving this is often overlooked even though it is the single most common denominator of success from leading providers: focusing on staff and resident engagement as an intertwined and winning collaboration.

Team members are deeply connected to elders and drawn to serve and collaborate with them because they are unique human beings that deserve dignity and respect like any other member of society. This session will focus on how senior living operators can navigate the current staffing crisis by helping team members understand their clients better and engage them every day in a way that is meaningful and purposeful.

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