The #ActivitiesStrong Initiative, led by Linked Senior, aims to promote, engage and empower wellness directors and senior living executives to continue the conversation surrounding health and wellness in aging adults. The resources provided & webinar series are an outlet for conversation to further the mission of combating isolation and encouraging safe, social opportunities for teams & residents.

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Solving the Labor Crisis: Creating a Better Culture to Attract and Keep Frontline Talent


We should never forget that it’s about collaboration with the elders that we serve.

Charles de Vilmorin

Guest on This Episode

Charles de Vilmorin

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Charles Turner

Founder and CEO at KARE

An innovator in the senior housing space, Charles Turner is currently the CEO of Kare, a digital labor marketplace that is solving the crucial labor shortage in senior care.

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James Lee

CEO & Co-Founder at Bella Groves | Senior Living Business Coach and Consultant

James Lee has served the senior living industry for 12 years across an array of roles for various organizations. Leveraging successful roles in sales, operations, & learning & development.

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The lifestyles force of our industry lead that effort of just finding better information about what's going on on your team and have that as a starting point.

Quick Overview of the Podcast

Solving the Labor Crisis: Creating a Better Culture to Attract and Keep Frontline Talent

During this webinar, Charles Turner, CEO of KARE and James Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Bella Groves, will explore where senior care operators are getting it right and getting it wrong and how this applies to resident engagement. Through their research, they asked leaders at caring communities, as well as frontline workers including activity and life enrichment professionals, the same questions around the topic of: “Why do workers want to come work for you, and why do they leave?”

They will explore where there are some wrong assumptions about how good we are at attracting and retaining staff and implications for the resident engagement profession. They will also discuss how, in most cases, the effort we are putting into building our company culture is typically a waste of time.

Attendees will be able to:

• Understand the desires and frustrations of frontline workers, including activity and life enrichment professionals

• Outline key action items operators can use to improve their worker attraction and retention

• Discuss the psycho/social needs of our frontline workforce

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