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Medical Freedom with Advocate Allison Serrao

Allison Serrao of Freedom Keepers United is an experienced homeschooling mother of 3, independent music venue owner, and CEO.


We really have to put ourselves in check in every single industry...is the person important, or are we letting fear overrun our ability to be human?

Allison Serrao

Guest on This Episode

Allison Serrao

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Josh Crisp

Owner & CEO Solinity

Josh Crisp is a senior living executive with more than 15 years of experience in development, construction, and management of senior living communities across the southeast.

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Lucas McCurdy

Owner & Founder The Bridge Group Construction

Lucas McCurdy is the founder of The Bridge Group Construction based in Dallas, Texas. Widely known as “The Senior Living Fan”.

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Quick Overview of the Podcast

Allison Serrao of Freedom Keepers United is an experienced homeschooling mother of 3, independent music venue owner, and CEO, running a worldwide nonprofit organization that advocates for patient + consumer (human) rights globally. She discusses vaccines, the government and choices.

Over the last decade, Allison has had the incredible honor of developing focused community groups that meet the specific needs of those who partake. Her work includes facilitating community opportunities for young mothers, homeschooling families, and medical freedom advocates, providing resources for families as they grow, supporting prenatal and postpartum mothers, empowering families to make informed medical decisions for their health and over 300+ hours of grassroots lobbying efforts at the California state Capitol.

Her life's work is to raise her children, to help others and to empower others to help themselves.

With a collective effort made by volunteers, the grassroots organization,Freedom Keepers, has expanded from one chapter in CA, to over 60 chapters worldwide. Each chapter United in our mission to preserve medical freedom and build sustainable communities for families and individuals affected by medical mandates.

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