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Chris Watson

Chris Watson has traveled the world, attended once in a lifetime events, broke a world record, & has stories to tell about all of it. Chris is the founder of Craft & Compel, an organization helping people strategically communicate in the ever-changing workplace & marketplace. He believes that everyone is battling silos in the workplace, islands occupied by their customers, & partners that expect to be remembered. “At Craft & Compel we help dismantle silos, build bridges to islands, & align stories with partners.”

Chris has 17 years of experience in leadership, coaching, sales, & teaching. He has approached every industry, role, and organization with an attitude of learning to connect with people from all different backgrounds. Chris is the published author of Earn Your Story, a book to help people earn the greatest life story ever to be told. He holds a Masters of Business Administration & Masters of Sports Marketing.

Chris believes that in order to succeed in the digital age, everyone must adopt storytelling as a form of strategic communication. He believes in the utilizing storytelling in sales & marketing to differentiate your product or service to your people, partners, & prospects.

Every evening Chris crafts a new story to tell his 5-year-old son Carmichael right before he tucks him in to go to bed. Chris is happily married to his wife Carol, and they reside in Dallas, TX.

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